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The larger buildings in recent years , gocheunghwa , mechanized construction site in accordance with the sense of a lot of dice are used in the large-scale systems .
In particular, two apartments and mixed-use buildings and the outer wall is constant progress in the field in the form as shown in the figure gaengpom (gang form) is used most .
What gaengpom mainly in concrete construction , such as pillars and walls of the vertical member dies and closed for construction tower crane footing as integrally assembled together using salvaged by the dice says.

    We often small dies dies (wood dice, metal dice, yuropom , etc.) and a large system dies ( gaengpom , slip forms, climbing forms , PC forms , etc.) are separated .
Inside the building and a small building with a small dice and simple or large structures and the plane vertically or horizontally overlapping building a gaengpom of such a large system is using a lot of dice .

  Gocheunghwa becoming increasingly high density of apartments and buildings, etc. , gocheunghwa Gang Form System was developed in accordance with the floor height adjustment and easy to install and dismantle the excellent cost saving effect.
Form exterior wall construction , especially when the work was integral to the larger scaffold without a scaffold to install exterior finishes are free.

  If this Form is also made ​​of Steel and coated concrete surface after the construction does not require a separate closure .
The working environment of the construction site as well cleansed and construction much faster than conventional integral form larger safe footing can be installed and work without scaffold exterior finish is possible.

  Our on-site picture framing construction medalryeo end Nago was on the top floor to dismantle gaengpom look.
Ground Floor 12 set last year around this form -installed exactly 20 times the 10 months after the concrete placement is my destiny to go is to leave .

  Picture if you look on the outside for safety and prevention of dust and mold chyeojeo networks that act scaffolding role to work with the upper cage is divided into the lower cage lost. Seen.
The staging of this work on two concrete placement according to the last mentioned work has been gyeonchul .
Now the oxygen is lowered to the ground cutters gaengpom Donggang longevity married to scrap my adjuster is sent .

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