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Author: – Engineer DUONG VAN MAU    
(General Director of Vinaconex Xuan Mai Concrete and Construction J.S.C)                               

Mr. DUONG VAN MAU: Born 10/06/1978, graduated from Vietnam Construction University, Civil  Construction department.
From 2001 to 2004: Worked in consultant design and new technology R&D application J.S.C.
From 2004 to 2008: Worked in Vinaconex Xuan Mai Concrete and construction J.S.C, served as Chief Technology Officer.
From 2008 to 04/01/2013: Director of Vinaconex Xuan Mai consultant and design J.S.C.
From 04/01/2013 to present: General Director of Vinaconex Xuan Mai Concrete and construction J.S.C.




Viet Nam is a developing country, the level of urbanization is very high, many large building projects are invested. Research and application of advanced technologies for the construction is an urgent need. Catching needs, Vinaconex Xuan Mai Concrete and Construction J.S.C has imported the advanced technology in the world (precast prestressed concrete technology), and research, make improvements to compatible with the conditions of Vietnam…

In 1996, with the assistance of the Ministry of Construction, the company has imported the production line technology PPB beams of the French Republic; in 1998, the company has cooperated with the company ROSE – from Belgium apply precast prestressed concrete, and synchronous from design, production and construction on the site.

In the first period take this technology into application in Vietnam, the company faced many difficulties by precast concrete products: hard to create aesthetic works; heavily in transportation and crane installation. Recognizing that, the company has continually researched, studied, made improvements in imaging techniques, creating aesthetic and depending on the type of work to provide individual structure solutions so as to maximize the advantages of precast prestressed concrete products. So far precast concrete product has been paid attention by customers because it creates a harmonious space, in accordance with the special requirements for each type of building, (the product is very user-friendly, convenient to use in projects such as supermarkets, cinemas, stadiums, residential, hotel …). In those places, precast prestressed concrete products have brought into play the advantages and become the technological breakthroughs in construction in Vietnam. Thus in 2005, Vinaconex Xuan Mai Concrete and Construction JSC became the first unit in the construction industry was awarded “State Prize in science and technology for application of prestressed concrete to the construction of Vietnam “.


According to experts in the field of construction, application of precast prestressed concrete technology in civil and industry construction has been a suitable choice for the modern urban in the world for a long time. In Vietnam, high-rise building began to grow in the past few decades, the study to select the appropriate construction technology has been a challenge for almost investors as also experts.

Vinaconex Xuan Mai Concrete and construction J.S.C has successfully applied and brought precast prestressed concrete product to the works in the whole country. The precast prestressed concrete technology in practice has brought many advantages compared to traditional construction methods, and highly mechanized and industrialized. This is a structural model that brings high economic efficiency for investors. Depending on the nature and scale of the work that the company has researched to find suitable solutions and exploit the most advantages of this product.

1. In the industrial building

    (Using the structure of assembly frame)

This is the field where the precast prestressed concrete product can be most easily penetrated because of the following reasons:

- Long span beam.

- Short construction period.

- Building components is high typical.

- Low investment costs.

From those factors above, Vinaconex Xuan Mai Concrete and construction J.S.C takes the precast structural frame system to replace the industrial building model with structural steel, the product has quickly accepted by the market.

Until now, the company has implemented the design, manufacture and installation of the large factories all the way from North to South, such as Toto, Panasonic, Yamaha, Canon, Pioner, Vinasanwa, Muto, Showa Desen, Thai Binh sewing Factory, Sengsen, bridge line 2.6 km to sea of Cam Pha cement plant and bridge line 3.0 km of Ha Long cement Plant …, Intel factory (in the south).

Especially at the Panasonic factory, Intel plant, in addition to those features: aesthetic, simple, convenient in operation and maintenance of completed projects, the company has successfully applied the prestressed assembled wall panel products, opened a new direction for precast products.

Here are some pictures of the construction plant in Vietnam applied precast prestressed concrete product:

Figure 1 Assemble empty wall panel Column spacing Applied in the Panasonic factory

Figure 2: YAMAHA Factory, scale of 10ha in Noi Bai industry, Vinh Phuc

Figure 3: Vinasawa Factory, applied assembly roof beam frame L = 24m

Figure 4: ToTo Factory


(The structure model uses the precast prestressed concrete product combined core wall)

With the support from Vietnam Vinaconex Construction and Import-Export J.S.C, in 2002 the Corporation has done experiment application in two building at the new urban Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh: The building 17T1 was designed and built on traditional methods (monolithic structure using 350 grade at construction sites); the building 17T2 was designed by using precast prestressed concrete products was the main bearing frame of the building. Below is some comparisons of criteria are given:





Price of Component

Time of Execution


Building 17T1



21,50 Billion

2 weeks/storey

Construction plans in place


Building 17T2





17 Billion

1 week/storey

Plan construction to assemble  precast prestressed concrete component

Reduced rate






From the comparison above, investors, contractors couldn’t deny economic benefits that the product applied precast prestressed concrete technology offer. Apartment building and high-rise building market start to accept this product, typically from entire buildings 17T3 to 17T10, 02 buildings with 24 and 34 storey in new urban area Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh, the investor has required to convert from design to apply precast prestressed concrete product in the whole project.

With the motto of building customer trust and gradually took over the market, the company expanded and upgraded technology line to meet quality requirements of customers and progress, Vinaconex Xuan Mai Concrete and construction J.S.C becomes the contractor provide precast components and technical support for all units  do the execution and erection of those buildings.

After initial success in new urban area Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh, Vinaconex Xuan Mai concrete and construction J.S.C signed the contract to design and supply precast components for 13 blocks in new urban areas Songda – My Dinh.

Followed by dozens of consulting design contracts and supply components for residential buildings, hotels combined office: 03 25-storey building VIMECO, hotel building combines office Syrena West Lake, No05 luxury apartment building in Southeast Tran Duy Hung, along with the 17 storey apartment building complex in Van Khe, 02 30 storey buildings in Xa La – Phuc Ha, 01 30 storey building Hemisco – Xa La…. Corporation headquarters at 34 Lang Ha, and other projects such as Hanoi Museum, South TM Center by the Vinaconex as investors, building CT1, CT2 Ngo Thi Nham.

Here are some pictures of typical projects implemented by the company:

Figure 5: Building 18T1, 18T2 in new Urban Area Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh


Figure 6: Overview of the Urban Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh in use

Figure 7: The luxury hotel complex combining office Syrena - Westlake

Figure 8: luxury apartment complex combines office N05 - Southeast Tran Duy Hung

Figure 9: 34 storey building in new urban Area Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh in the Execution phase

Figure 10: Building CT1, CT2 Ngo Thi Nham Street, Ha Dong

 3. New Solution for the execution of foundation process:

3.1. Solution for sheet pile wall

Especially in Vietnam, today apartment buildings are often designed from 02 to 03 basements so the structural solutions for the basement wall is a big problem. Foreseeing this, the company has done research and made improvements to apply precast prestressed concrete product to replace Barret wall solutions which have been popular in Vietnam. With solutions using Barret wall, execution time is prolonged and make the quality control of doing concrete work at site quite difficult.

Realizing this is the field that precast prestressed concrete products can be applied, the company has been confident with the technology and production experience, from which the company try to research and design reinforced sheet pile concrete replacing Barret wall systems with superior features of precast prestressed concrete products:

- Using the method of prestressed combined high strength concrete to save material.

- To speed up construction.

- Simple method of construction environmentally friendly.

- Product quality is strictly controlled in the factory.

Some of the typical projects using large load pile and use sheet pile wall products alternative for Barret wall:

Figure 12: CT2 Square - Ngo Thi Nham Basement wall structure using the Precast prestressed concrete product The body: use of structural frame of precast prestressed reinforced concrete combines core – wall

Figure 13: The work of pressing sheet pile

Figure 14: precast prestressed concrete product

 Big load pile product and precast prestressed concrete sheet pile wall have been successfully applied in such works as:

- Building CT2 Ngo Thi Nham: 02 basements.

- Hemisco Xa La: 02 basements.

- C2 Xuan Dinh: 02 basements.

- SAKURA Tower: 02 basements.

The project prepares to implement application of precast prestressed concrete products:

- Mo Market Shopping Center: 03 basements.

- Hoang Cau Garage: 02 basements.

- Apartment Building T1 Trung Hoa: 02 basements.

- Sao Mai Building: 02 basements.

3.2. Solution of precast prestressed piles, large loads for structure of the foundation for high-rise buildings.

In Vietnam, the popular foundation method is bored pile or pile with small load. After the tour to study experience from some developed countries, we have entered some specialized equipments for foundation construction works. The robot can press pile at high pressure (up to 800 tones), moving automatically during construction process, combined with the prestressed pile product, have opened up the new treatment for foundations replacing for the traditional approach. This method has several advantages:

- Piles are manufactured in the factory using concrete higher grade or equal to 600. Combined with prestressed method allows to unlimited produce the length of piles.

- Construction of pressing piles using specialized hydraulic equipment to ensure vertical and smooth level.

- Simple construction methods, environmentally friendly, easy to control quality.

Our products have applied in many projects such as Project N05, CT2 Ngo Thi Nham, and Apartment building 17 storey Phung Khoang.

Figure 11: The site N05 in sliding core period and component erection. The foundation structure use pressure pile load capacity 160T combined pile The body: use precast prestressed reinforced concrete structure combines core - wall

4. Applications for affordable apartment building:

In early 2009, the State of Vietnam has the policy for priority development the building model for low-income housing, worker housing and students, Vinaconex Xuan Mai concrete and construction J.S.C together does research to find out the construction method for affordable apartment building in accordance with the needs of people with incomes based on the following basic criteria:

- Using the strength of industrial production technology, deliver precast prestressed concrete products as the construction structure for affordable apartment building projects.

- Selection of the scale, scale apartment reasonable

- Work structure ensures the durability during in use

- Method of execution demonstrates industrial, mechanizable, and easy to control the quality of works

- Cheap but not low quality.

Below is a typical sample of low-income building applied precast prestressed concrete technology.

Figure 15: Residential workers Bac Thang Long, Dong Anh, Hanoi

Figure 16: Form of 9 storey Building (Housing for low-income earners)



            Vinaconex Xuan Mai Concrete and Construction J.S.C has experienced itself and asserted the brand in the field of application the precast prestressed concrete technology in the civil and industry construction in Vietnam by the prominent features of the product are as follows:

1. The concrete structure using steel materials, high strength concrete, with the industrial production, from which the quality control becomes easy, reducing the construction cost.

2. By using high strength materials, technology to create precast prestressed have overcome space constraints, saving rate area of structure in the construction area, reducing the load transmit to the foundation.

3. Construction with high mechanization, shorten construction time.

4. Combined with the sliding core technology, using non-baked materials, industrial dry grouting that Vinaconex Concrete and Construction J.S.C produces have created a friendly environment in the process of building the project.

5. The method of modeling flexible structures and solutions associated with the new materials have high strength … This technology fully meets the requirements of diverse architectural projects.

With integrated organization model from research, design to manufacturing and erection, we believe precast prestressed concrete products will be assumed suitable measure for civil and industry projects in Vietnam.

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